Sacred Harp singers from nearby communities of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and beyond have been invited by NHW to lead us in a participatory Sacred Harp singing event on Star Island.

We will sing from "The Sacred Harp" 1991 Denson edition, with 'loaner' tune books available to use during the singing. Like all Sacred Harp singings, singing is open to voices of any level of experience and ability.  Everyone is welcome, including (and especially!) absolute beginners. We encourage one and all to join, pick up a tune book and sing with us!

"The Sacred Harp" is a shape note tune book that has been in continuous publication with periodic revisions since 1844. The music is written in 4-part a cappella harmony and includes hymns, fuguing tunes, anthems and other songs in a style rooted in colonial New England.  It was popular in this region until the Civil War and in areas of the rural south and west up to the present day. It is worth noting that there are no harps or any other instruments involved in this music - rather the 'Sacred Harp' refers to the 'instrument' that is the human voice itself.

Every singing is a unique event with a unique cast of participants who share a common love of singing Sacred Harp music. This includes those who have been singing for decades, those who began singing a few weeks or months ago, as well as those who are singing for the very first time.  No matter where you find yourself on this spectrum, you'll be in good company!

While the music and singing tradition are firmly rooted in the Christian faith and while for many singing is a form of worship, Sacred Harp singings are intentionally inclusive spaces that welcome and include people of all faiths and religious (and nonreligious) backgrounds.

This participatory event is tentatively scheduled to take place from 2-5pm on Sunday, June18, 2017 on Star Island.  Participants are welcome to stay for as much or as little of the singing as they like.

For more information about Sacred Harp singing in general: